About Us

Horizon Driving School was founded to provide safe and professional driving instruction to new drivers in the Virginia. We serve hundreds of students each year and our fully licensed driving school is trusted by adults and teenagers alike to provide a patient, courteous, and safe driving experience. Driving is a serious activity that demands responsibility, know-how, and attentiveness from drivers. Our instructors are highly qualified and each of us is skilled in helping even the most nervous of drivers get over their stress and discomfort. Most importantly, we take pride in the quality drivers educated by our school. We want to keep Virginia streets safe as well as teen and adult drivers alike.

Horizon Driving School has always strived to provide all students with the best tools and instructions to become safe and law abiding drivers. Our licensed state of Virginia driving instructors has professional drivers backgrounds with over 25 years of driving experience. Students graduating from our school help make USA a better and a safer place for driving. Caring and polite nature of our private driving instructors make them one of the best in the driving school business. Our driving lessons have all components you will utilize at driving test time and also on a daily basis. Our proprietary driving lesson training methods are one of the most successful in the driving school business.

Why Choose Us

1. We work honestly and believe in hard work.

2. We offer better services in terms of diversity and details.

3. We have comfortable cars with dual control.

4. Our instructors are highly experience.

5. We have a good successrecord (over 90% of students pass their DMV test in their first attempt

6. We offer pick and drop to many locations.

7. We teach the right techniques and focus on details.

8. We understand importance of safety.

9. We have flexible timings, tailored to your schedule.

10. We have over 10 years of experience serving northern areas of Virginia

11. We provide parents with a detailed feedback